Free Bitcoin Cash (APP)

Are you tired of having to open every faucet in the browser and get a lot of advertising?
Then you are exactly right here!
With the "Free Bitcoin Cash”Faucet App from Bitcoin Aliens shows you no unnecessary advertising in a small and slim app. The only advertisements you see are small advertising films with a length of 5 - 30 seconds, which are displayed for the claims instead of entering captchas or annoying pop-up / banner advertisements.

The app has been downloaded more than 1 million times from the Google Play Store and has been rated with a good 4.1 out of 5 stars. The Bitcoin Aliens Games have been offered since 2014 and, according to the operators, more than 1090 BTC / 7+ million USD have been paid out to users since then.

Short facts

Faucet accessible via:

  • Own app

Earnable cryptocurrency:

  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Min. Distances between claims:

  • 1h for regular claims + 4h for 6 bonus claims

Min. Withdrawal limit:

  • Payouts from 10,000 BCH Satoshi

Payment modalities:

  • Every Tuesday if the withdrawal limit has been reached
  • Payment on your own wallet
  • Automatically

Crypto-Lovers registration fee:

  • 2,000 BTC Satoshi


For registration

The app

If you start this, you will see on the home screen next to advertising, offer walls and the settings the menu items "Hourly Claim Available!" and "Bonus Claim Available!“.

These are the basic and most effective earning opportunities in the app. As the button text already explains, you can claim BCH regularly once an hour and make 6x bonus claims every 4 hours.

Hourly claims

The claims are drawn up like a slot machine, you click the “Spin prizes”Button and a random price is selected from a table with possible winnings. In the bottom right corner is the counter for the remaining attempts. The winning table consists of 3 different blocks with increasing prices from block to block.
At the beginning you start in 1st block. After clicking the “Spin prizes”Button, all fields in this block are illuminated one after the other, first quickly then slowly and slowly until a field is finally logged on. By logging in a silver Bitcoin field, the selection changes to 2nd block , which increases the profits to be achieved. If the selection jumps to the golden Bitcoin field in this block, the winnings are in the 3rd block available, including the grand prize of 100,000 BCH Satoshi!

Distribution of the profit blocks
6,065 BCH Satoshi, my highest single win so far

Since only 2 spins at the beginning are rarely sufficient to advance to the 3rd block to win the main prize, further spins can be unlocked by looking at advertising. As soon as no more spins are available, the “Spin prizes"Button in a"More spins”Button around.



There are two different types of films in the advertisements. One has a countdown in the lower left corner in the form of a decreasing circle and the remaining seconds in the middle. The second type has a progress bar at the bottom.
You can skip the commercials with the circle countdown by pressing the home button and then switching back to the app. Then more spins will be credited to you without you having to see the full ad. Unfortunately, this does not work for the variant with the progress bar. If you still try, a different promotional video will be started. Skipping has so far had no effect on the payouts, the automatic payouts were always credited weekly.
Ad with circle countdown in the lower left
Ad with progress bar at the bottom

Bonus claims

The bonus claims are presented somewhat differently. Here the possible prices are arranged in a circle and the logged-in value is also obtained, there is no choice as with the hourly claims. The number of possible winnings varies from time to time, as does their amount.
The bonus claims can be used every 4 hours, 6 times in a row, before the four-hour break begins. Here, too, the previously mentioned tip for skipping some advertisements works without problems.

Conclusion & ref bonuses

The app is a great way to earn some BCH Satoshi without extreme effort. Compared to many other providers, the weekly payment is done without any problems, even with only moderate activity. If a little more time is put into the app, earnings of 20,000 - 40,000 BCH Satoshi per week are definitely feasible. The regular and automatic payments also speak for the provider.

Crypto-Lovers therefore has a clear recommendation for the app!

Ref bonuses for Crypto-Lover readers:

Bonus #1      


1,000 BTC Satoshis on your account!


After the 1st payment

Bonus #2        

1,000 BTC Satoshis on your account!


After the 2nd payment

As soon as a bonus goal has been reached, you can simply send the necessary data to info [at] The following is required:

  • Your email address registered in the app or your wallet address to which the BCH was transferred
  • Date and amount of the last payment
  • Username or email of your account (If email, then preferably the same as in the app)
The easiest way is if you click on the “Control panel”Clicks and then takes a screenshot of it. Even if not everyone likes to give out their email address, this is unfortunately required for an exact assignment. Unfortunately there is no username in the app that could be used instead.
After transferring the bonuses, all data received will be deleted immediately in accordance with data protection!
Proof of transfer of your bonus will then be posted here on Crypto-Lovers.

If you have any further questions about the app or if you would like to have a topic described in more detail, you can do so in the comment box or send me an email.

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