Who doesn't dream of “the big money” on the Internet, ideally just by the way, without having to do much for it?
Well, you won't find the big money here, but for the rest RollerCoin could be worth a look!

RollerCoin is a virtual online bitcoin mining game where users compete against your friends and other users to earn real bitcoins. It is based on the concept of Bitcoin mining, but instead of buying expensive mining hardware and using a lot of electricity to operate it, everything takes place here purely virtually.
The computing power required for mining is easily earned by playing mini-games that do not even take 1 minute per game. The computing power thus generated can optionally be used for mining one of the following 3 cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Ethereum (ETH)

In order to further expand your own income, virtual miners can be bought with the earned BTC, which further increase your computing power and thus the income.
The highlight: The mining of your desired currency takes place 24/7, even if you are not on your PC, smartphone or tablet PC!

Or in the words of the operators of
“Basically we removed the elaborate and boring stuff and kept the fun going. Build and develop your own mining data center, upgrade and optimize to increase your mining performance and compete with friends. No real setup, no hassle - just sign up and you're ready to go. You are in full control! Playing everything and no work - that is our motto. ”

Typical of crypto lovers bonus, which each of our visitors can receive for registering and actively using RollerCoin, can be found together with the overall conclusion at the end of the article!
There is a shortcut there here.

Short facts

Faucet accessible via:

  • Browser / Claim Multi Faucet App

Earnable cryptocurrency:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Ethereum (ETH)

Min. Distances between the blocks found:

  • about 5 minutes

Max. Possible remuneration per block:

  • Theoretically unlimited, depending on your own activity

Min. Withdrawal limit:

  • Payouts from:
    • 10,000 BTC Satoshi
    • 360 DOGE
    • 0.004 ETH

Payment modalities:

  • Payouts to your own wallet
  • Must be applied for manually

Crypto-Lovers registration fee:

  • 4,200 BTC Satoshi


For registration

The page

Away from the start, RollerCoin is actually not actually a faucet, but a mining game and these belong to a separate category. However, since RollerCoin is the only mining game listed on so far, and the income is similar to that of other top faucets, I run the page here under the category Faucets.

The whole page is somewhat retro in an 8-bit look. After registering or logging in, a rather spartan home page is displayed, which looks the same on all devices due to its mobile optimization, only the arrangement can change somewhat due to size.
At the top right, behind the 3 lines, is the menu for navigating through the page and nearby an avatar of your character, along with player names and your current placement. On the left hand you can call up your wallet with the coins you have already earned. At the next level, the basic data for calculating your earnings are:

  • electricity
  • Your computing power (My Power)
  • Computing power of the entire network (Network power)
  • Your expected compensation when you find the next block (Expected Block Reward)

The electricity is an upcoming feature that is not yet active but will have an impact on the game.

The computing power of the entire network represents an indicator of the activity of all users together, since the computing power spent per coin is added together. If you click on the drop-down menu arrow, you get an overview of the computing power assigned to the individual coins. Each user can distribute their own power proportionally or completely to one or more coins, as everyone wants.

Your Computing power depends on the number of games played and the computing power received. The higher your power, the higher the reward once a block is found.

Your expected compensation can be calculated quite well using your power. Here is a calculation example with the values from the following picture of my account to illustrate:

Time until a new block is found: Every ~ 5 minutes
Remuneration per block to users: 120 DOGE
Own computing power at the time of the screenshot: 539.883 TH / s or converted 0.539883 PH / s
Total computing power spent on DOGE at the time: 985.218 PH / s

(0.539883 PH / s / 985.218 PH / s) * 120 DOGE = 0.065748 DOGE remuneration per block

In the vicinity of this basic data there is always information including links to the news blog as soon as there is news. In this case it was the introduction of the payment option for his earned DOGE or ETH.
The next element is a virtualization of your activity. It's a room with your character sitting on the PC surrounded by Bitcoin miners (if you already have them). This is a pure virtualization of your own success and you can see which and how many miners you already have. There are no changes or selection options here. You can also see which computer your character is currently using. The differences here will be discussed later in this article.

Finally, the buttons to navigate to the start page, the shop to buy the miners and the button to the games should be mentioned. Depending on the view (desktop or mobile), the buttons are arranged either at the top (desktop) or at the bottom (mobile).

The earning potential

RollerCoin is actually not a classic faucet site, but a mining game in terms of genre. The only earning opportunity you have on RollerCoin is the virtual mining of BTC, DOGE or ETH with the help of computing power that can be obtained through mini-games for a limited period of time. If a certain amount of BTC has been accumulated, miners can be bought for it, which then increase the computing power permanently by their computing power. Okay, if you take it exactly, there is still the ref-compensation of 25%. However, I see it more as a small bonus, as a scalable earning opportunity.

The mini games

As already mentioned, the virtual computing power on the site must be “earned” through mini-games.
And that is a welcome change from the usual faucets: Here you have fun collecting coins!
The existing games are quite entertaining, fun and are the key point for earning coins.

There are currently 9 different retro games in crypto clothing to choose from, with a maximum of 40 to 70 seconds remaining. Depending on the game, luck and personal experience, some games with low levels of difficulty can also be won after a few seconds. The difficulty levels are also a good keyword, because after 3 games won in a row in the same level you get into a higher difficulty class. This not only increases the requirements, but also increases the amount of computing power that can be achieved.

Selection of 5 of the 9 possible games and my level at the time of the screenshot

There is a waiting time for each game after each game round. The waiting time depends on the total number of games played within the last 24 hours. If only a few were played in this period, the same game can be switched without any problems, or rather between two games. The more you play, the higher the individual waiting times. After about 100 games, for example, you have to switch back and forth between 4 games, unless you want to play a certain game and want to continue playing without waiting.

More computing power!

Do you want to earn more coins and therefore need more virtual computing power? Nothing easier than that!
Simply by continuing to play regularly 😉

However, it would be a bit frustrating if you had to play a bunch of games every day and therefore had to earn your own power every time. For this reason, there is an activity-related bonus here:
If a certain amount of computing power is earned within 24 hours, you get a PC upgrade free of charge, ie a “better” computer. This maintains the computation power for longer before it disappears. Initially, the computing power only lasted for 24 hours. The next possible upgrades would then be 48h, 72h, 120h and finally 168h. These 7 days are the highest shelf life, there are currently no more.

Important: As soon as you have received a PC upgrade (no matter which level) at least one game must be won within 24 hours, otherwise the improvement will be lost again!

After completing a game, the following information is displayed:

  • The computing power earned
  • How long this computing power is taken into account
  • How many games were played in the last 24 hours or how many of them were won

The last point has a direct influence on the waiting time between two game rounds of a game.

Don't feel like playing daily!

There is also good news for users who do not want to play at least one game every day to maintain the PC upgrade, or maybe even a few more to increase their own computing power and thus their earnings:
It is possible to buy virtual miners either with the money earned on RollerCoin or with the BTC deposited there. The big advantage of them is that their computing power is credited permanently and is not subject to an expiration time.
However, their computing power is manageable compared to the achievable performance. Only in total can the miners represent a clear advantage to one permanent generate a passive source of income.

List of possible miners 1st part
List of possible miners 2nd part

Statistics after 4 weeks of use

At this point I do not want to talk around the bush, in the picture below you can see my statistics from RollerCoin after 4 weeks of use:

Unfortunately, this profile statistic only shows the amount of BTC earned, but not that of DOGE or ETH.
If we now add up the 864 Satoshi and the 706 DOGE from one of the pictures above, the value of which is around 18,000 Satoshi when writing the article, I was able to generate 18,864 Satoshi in 4 weeks of use.

Conclusion & ref bonuses

With its mining game, RollerCoin is a welcome change from the otherwise quite similar faucets. Coins are earned here with fun games instead of boring left or button clicks.
As can be seen from the example of my own statistics, the amount of the remuneration is also better than with most faucets and this with an average of only 1 hour of games per day (for relaxation 😉).

The remuneration is also credited around the clock and not only when you are online, depending on your own computing power. It is also particularly pleasant that the PC upgrades keep the computing power earned for up to 7 days, which is a not to be neglected passive source of income!

In principle, I also think the possibility of enabling permanent computing power by buying miners is very good, but unfortunately I have to criticize the price / performance ratio here. In relation to the service provided, the acquisition costs are quite high and it takes a long time to pay for itself. The period of time until amortization would also be extended if more and more users actively use RollerCoin and the total computing power of a coin thus continues to increase. I don't know whether the prices and / or computing power of the miners would be adjusted in this case, but I rather doubt it.
Nevertheless, I don't want to talk to the miners very badly now, because after the purchase, no further effort is simply required and they continuously generate a few Satoshis.

Like hardly any other faucet, RollerCoin earnings depend on your own activity and can be expanded almost indefinitely. For this reason there is a clear recommendation for the site from Crypto-Lovers and it was rightly included in our top 10!

Ref bonuses for Crypto-Lover readers:

Bonus #1      


200 BTC Satoshis on your RollerCoin account! (automatically)


Immediately after registration via the registration button

Bonus #2      


2,000 BTC Satoshis on your account!


After the 1st payment of self-earned coins

Bonus #3      


2,000 BTC Satoshis on your account!


After the 2nd payment of self-earned coins

As soon as the bonus goal has been reached, you can simply send the necessary data to The following is required:

  • Your email address registered on the website or your wallet address to which the BTC has been transferred
  • Date and amount of the last payment
  • Username or email of your account (If email, then the same as on the website)
It is easiest if you go to the corresponding coin via your wallet and then click the button "History”Clicks and then takes a screenshot of it. After transferring the bonuses, all data received will be deleted immediately in accordance with data protection!
I will post proof of the transfer of your bonus here on Crypto-Lovers.

If you have any further questions about RollerCoin, or if you would like to have a topic described in more detail, please feel free to let me know in the comment box or send me an email.

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