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Satoshi Monster is a refreshing and fun BTC Faucet site.
It offers two reasons to be happy at once:

  • per claim 3x in a row Captchas are solved. After each captcha you will receive a random amount of satoshis as a reward.
  • The wallet into which your won satoshis flow will become the partner site Satoshi Hero divided. That means you twice as fast can reach the payout limit if both sides are used in parallel!

According to the associated thread the users are also paid out, I myself have unfortunately not yet fully reached the payment limit. Otherwise, the page published in early 2018 is equipped with the usual additional earning opportunities. These are described in more detail below.

Typical of crypto lovers bonusYou can find out which each of our visitors can register and actively use Satoshi Monster, together with the overall conclusion at the end of the article!
There is a shortcut there here.

Short facts

Faucet accessible via:

  • Browser / Claim Multi Faucet App

Earnable cryptocurrency:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)

Min. Distances between claims:

  • 20 minutes, then 3 paid captchas at a time

Max. Possible single win:

  • up to 250,000 BTC Satoshi

Min. Withdrawal limit:

  • Payouts from 30,000 BTC Satoshi

Payment modalities:

  • Payouts to your own wallet
  • Must be applied for manually

Crypto-Lovers registration fee:

  • 4,000 BTC Satoshi


For registration

The earning potential

Satoshi Monster is actually a classic Faucet site and offers the following earning opportunities:

  • Execution of claims every 20 minutes
  • Bitcoin Games (Casino)
  • Offerwalls
  • Ref allowances

You can read a few more information about the claims and the Bitcoin Games below, I will not discuss the offer walls and ref reimbursement in more detail. I haven't tested the offer walls yet and the ref-fee doesn't have to be explained every time. At Satoshi Monster this is a nice 50%.

The Faucet function

What I really like about this site is that it is not completely overloaded with advertising. So the claim function can be used without major problems. And this is where there is a difference to most other Faucet sites: every 20 minutes not only a few Satoshis, but whole ones three times in a row be won!
The only thing that has to be done is to solve the previous captcha correctly.

According to the provider, up to 250,000 satoshi be earned at once, although the chances of this are likely to be correspondingly low. Nevertheless, the winnings are really randomly distributed and are not always in the single-digit range, but more often in the two- or three-digit range. The highest single win I have had up to now when writing this article was 1,000 Satoshi.

View of the claim function from the "Claim Multi Faucet" app
So far the highest single win of 1,000 Satoshi

Bitcoin Games (Casino)

Actually, I hardly use the gambling functions of the Faucet website when writing the partner website article Satoshi Hero I stumbled across it again and tried a game. This is "African King”Acted.

I have to admit that the settings initially confused me a bit and I started my first game with 300 Satoshi stakes instead of 10 Satoshi. But maybe that was exactly my luck, because with the very first spin I got straight 1,400 Satoshi + 14 free spins won!
Out of the 14 free spins, surprisingly every second spin was an additional win, which ultimately resulted in 7,750 Satoshi on the “Win Account”. And as the saying goes, when it is most beautiful you should stop 😉
With this one spin, I was able to more than double my previous balance at Satoshi Hero. I do not want to advertise the games of chance here, since it was probably just a lucky coincidence, but there may also be something to be won.

Rule or lucky coincidence? With just one spin, the previous balance was more than doubled!

Conclusion & ref bonuses

Similar to the partner site, Satoshi Monster offers Satoshi Hero, due to its short waiting time between claims of only 20 minutes and the possibility to receive Satoshis three times, a great source of income. The more time invested in this page, the more generous the earnings can be. The ref reimbursement of great 50% is also a nice obulus to your own activities.

The fair distribution of the distributed Satoshis and the frequency of the claims are second to none. Especially the frequently represented faucets with a waiting time of 1 hour cannot compete with Satoshi Monster, no matter how high their average profits are.

There is a clear recommendation for the site from Crypto-Lovers and it was rightly included in the top 10 faucets!

Ref bonuses for Crypto-Lover readers:

Bonus #1      


4.000 BTC Satoshis on your account!


After the 1st payment of self-earned coins

As soon as the bonus goal has been reached, you can simply send the necessary data to info [at] The following is required:

  • Your email address registered on the website or your wallet address to which the BTC has been transferred
  • Date and amount of the last payment
  • Username or email of your account (If email, then the same as on the website)
It is easiest if you use the navigation to select the menu item “Withdrawal”And then takes a screenshot of it. After transferring the bonuses, all data received will be deleted immediately in accordance with data protection!
I will post proof of the transfer of your bonus here on Crypto-Lovers.

Should you have any further questions about Satoshi Monster, or would you like to have a topic described in more detail, please feel free to let me know in the comment box or send me an email.

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